Below is a sample of projects the NEAR-Lab is actively researching, as well as projects that have been completed. Clicking the title will open a document in .pdf format. Windows users can use the Adobe Reader or GhostScript while linux users can use xpdf (which should already be on your machine) as well as the Acrobat Reader.


Taskforce Oceans - Environmental Sensing and Monitoring

Time-varying Rough Sea-surface Scattering Models

Exploitation of Frequency Structure in High Duty Cycle (HDC) Data

The Information Content of Ocean Noise: Theory and Experiment


Terahertz Scattering for Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices

Electromagnetic Scattering and Propagation for Terahertz Medical Spectroscopy

Synthetic Aperture Terahertz Imaging

Completed Projects


Passive Bottom Loss Estimation Using Compact Arrays and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Application of Density Estimation Methods to Datasets Collected from a Glider
Cetacean Density Estimation from Novel Acoustic Datasets by Acoustic Propagation Modeling
Expendable Direct Sensing for AUV Based Geotechnical Survey Operations


Bayesian Fusion of Heterogeneous Data for Unanticipated Event Detection
Trihedral Scattering Over Rough Dielectric Surfaces

Multi-Modality Sensing

Maritime Signature Analysis (funded by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

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